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State Victims' Rights Amendments


  • A state Constitutional Amendment for Victims' Rights was passed in November, 1994.
  • The amendment was passed by 92% of voters.

Amendment Text:

(A) A victim of crime shall be treated by agents of the state with dignity, respect, and sensitivity during all phases of the criminal justice process.

(B) In a case originating by indictment or information filed in a circuit court, a victim of crime shallhave the right to be informed of the rights established in this article and,upon request and if practicable, to be notified of, to attend, and to be heard at a criminal justice proceedings, as these rights are implemented and the terms "crime", "criminal justice proceeding", and "victim" are specified by law.

(C) Nothing in this Article permits any civil cause of action for monetary damages for violation of any of its provisions or authorizes a victim of crime to take any action to stay a criminal justice proceeding.

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