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A proposed amendment to the U.S. Constitution to provide meaningful and enforceable rights for crime victims has been introduced in Congress. The proposed federal victims' rights constitutional amendment would provide victims of violent crime with constitutionally guaranteed rights including the rights: to be notified of proceedings in the criminal case; to attend public proceedings in the case; to make a statement at release proceedings, sentencing, and proceedings regarding a plea bargain; and to have the court order the convicted offender to pay restitution for the harm caused by the crime.

A victims' rights amendment to the U.S. Constitution is vital to restore balance in our criminal justice system, a system that for too long has ignored the real interests of victims of violent crimes. Nothing in the amendment takes away from the important rights of persons accused of crime. However, it does give crime victims access to information and limited participation in the criminal justice system. It will make victim justice an integral component of our criminal and juvenile justice processes.

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In any language, Support Constitutional Rights for Crime Victims
En Español:
Las derechas constitucionales de la ayuda para las víctimas del crimen.
Em Português:
Direitas constitutional da sustentação para vítimas do crime.
In Italiano:
Diritti costituzionali di sostegno per le vittime di crimine.
Auf Deutsch:
Stützkonstitutionelle Rechte für Verbrechenopfer.
En Français:
Droites constitutionnelles de support pour des victimes de crime.

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